Hey what's sicker than accosting a man walking down the street and then having him circumcised against his will by force? Doing THAT to your own son! Whether you do this to a complete stranger, your 15 year old son (who would go kicking and screaming to be sure) or your infant son, there is no difference because…….IT AIN'T YOUR PENIS!!!! Don't get me wrong. I'm not against circumcision - only against circumcising infants or any person against their will. As an adult you can do whatever the hell you want with your penis. You could even cut it off it that's what pleases you. If you grew up as an intact male and you made the decision as an adult to get yourself circumcised…well…good for you! At least you had a choice!  BUT! YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO MESS WITH ANOTHER PERSON'S GENITALS BUT YOUR OWN!

If you had your son circumcised then you have done a VERY, VERY bad thing. You have just committed a CRIME against your son (one that is most heinous in nature). Just because the law does not recognize infant circumcision as a crime does not mean that it is not a crime. For instance, in other countries there are many crimes committed against humanity that are not currently being recognized as such (in Islamic countries like Afghanistan there are women - mothers suffering from severe abuse as dispensed by their husbands - and this abuse is completely legal). Ignorance is not an excuse. It does not matter if the procedure has become engrained in our culture. Deep down, in the back of your mind, you must know it's wrong. I mean, how can you NOT know that it's wrong? "But really, I didn't know it was wrong!" you might say. Here's a hint - you had a perfectly natural & healthy part of his body cut off without his consent! Got it?! There really is no excuse - especially in this day and age. I mean, it only takes only a few seconds to do a google search to realise just how wrong it is to have your son's penis butchered.

It's sick that the law even allows routine infant circumcision. What's even sicker is that parents actually act on this "right" and commit this barbaric heinous act on their own son. I mean it's ironic that the most dangerous people in an infant's life soon after he is born
are his own parents!

By law, the only body part that is allowed to be cut off from a baby is his foreskin and why some parents exercise that right is, quite frankly, a mystery to me. It is a mystery why the law even allows this. Parents are supposed to protect their children - not harm them. Circumcision is assault with the intent to do harm. It is male genital mutilation. It is a complete violation of the baby's rights. And it hurts like hell! Some babies do not cry because THEY ARE GOING IN TO SHOCK! There are studies that indicate that unfavorable permanent changes can take place in the brain of an infant that is experiencing excruciating pain. You don't think a baby feels any pain while enduring this cruel and unethical procedure? Look at his face. Look at his hands. Look at his feet. Look at the way he is contorting his body. He is experiencing trauma FOR ABSOLUTELY NO GOOD REASON! It's funny how they try to get the baby feel as comfortable as possible after circumcision.  They could have dragged him across the carpet…play "hot potato" with his body - NONE of that compares to what had been done to him already.

So what's the big deal about foreskin? Well….nature gives you everything that you need so that you can feel maximum sexual pleasure - it would not give you anything less. Whether you are male or female, you are born with a prepuce for a very good reason. Men and women are supposed to receive sexual stimulation in much the same way. During sexual activity (auto stimulation or with a partner), the prepuce is free to slide up and down along the head of the penis or the clitoris the way it was meant to. It is obviously not hard to see that the clitoral hood serves an important purpose, and since the clitoris is analog to the male penis, why can't people see that the male foreskin is analogous to the female clitoral hood? The foreskin is not a flap of skin AND unlike the comparatively simple female prepuce or clitoral hood, it is actually a highly sophisticated structure comprised of "elastic" skin supremely populated with highly sensitive nerve endings called corpuscles. The brain is supposed to receive signals generated by these extremely sensitive corpuscles during sexual activity. When those signals aren't present - sexual frustration can result, whether you are conscious of your frustration or not. Many adult circumcised males do not actually feel truly sexually satiated after sexual activity and they don't even know it. You see, a circumcised penis is basically a ruined penis - both "electrically" and mechanically. Extraction of the foreskin causes a MASSIVE loss in the capacity to feel sexual pleasure (some estimate 80% loss in sensation). Not only does an intact WHOLE man able to experience all those exquisite waves of intensely pleasurable "sparkles" as provided by his foreskin, he gets to experience the wonderful sliding motion of that warm enveloping skin moving back and forth over the sensitive head of his penis. This gliding action is completely absent in the circumcised male. Sexual pleasure whether through auto-stimulation or sexual intercourse comes effortlessly to the intact male.  He does not even have to experience the indignity of using lubrication. The sensations that are generated by an intact penis are not even in the same ballpark as the dull sensations provided by a circumcised penis. Being able to feel the sensations that only a fully intact penis can provide would be like watching a 3D movie with full surround sound in comparison to the dull sensations as felt by circumcised penis….which would be like watching a black & white movie through the small eye lens of an old fashioned camcorder with no sound at all.

The special thing about being a man is having all that moveable uniquely sensitive skin. A lot of men say that their foreskin gives them MORE pleasure than the orgasm itself.  In a circumcised man…all that moveable skin….GONE! Circumcision is not only genital mutilation, it is sexual mutilation. It really is a tragedy. The amount of pleasure that a man can derive from his foreskin more than makes up for the fact that he cannot have multiple successive orgasms like a woman can. Hell, it's a sad fact, but woman actually have more moveable erogenous skin than circumcised males. The exact same loss of pleasure would be experienced by women if they had their prepuce removed (is there any mother out there that wants to have her prepuce removed? Yeah, I didn't think so). In this country, if you were to remove your baby daughter's prepuce you could go to prison. Boys deserve that same protection.

The natural wholly intact genitals are very complex in both men and women - that's part of what makes these particular body parts so mysterious and unique as compared to all other protrusions of the body (arms, legs, toes, fingers…). The brutal act of circumcision destroys that complexity. With no loose skin to "play" with, the penis is utterly ruined and rendered to a pale shadow of what it should be.
It is ironic, that some men that are circumcised are the ones that have a problem with premature ejaculation. Since the sensations that are
supposed to be felt simply aren't there, a circumcised male can be rather rough on his own penis (and on his partner) in attempt to feel any sensation at all. And I might add that it's not only sexual pleasure that is compromised by the loss of foreskin. The foreskin protects the head of the penis (and urethra opening) from the constant abrasion and discomfort that would otherwise be experienced by a circumcised male.

Most parents that have had their son circumcised just go through life as if what they did was perfectly O.K….while their son goes through life without really having a clue what was taken from him. Parents should not have the right to choose what kind of sexual sensations that his son is going to experience later in life. Cutting off a baby's prepuce makes just as much sense as chopping off his pinky finger for…no particular reason. If you had your son's genitals mutilated then you owe your son an apology….yet a simple apology doesn't quite cut it (or uncut it) now does it? And anyway, how do you apologize for conspiring to have such a horrible thing done to your son?

So you had your son circumcised and you still stand by your decision with no apology? That's like saying that your 100% sure that your son isn't ever going to miss his foreskin. Even if there is a 1% chance that he does - why gamble and take that chance? Or maybe you're sure he's going to want his foreskin but you think it would be best for medical reasons that he gets his genitals mutilated? Yeah…that makes perfect sense….I mean after circumcision, he has to live with a bleeding butchered penis immersed in a filthy diaper which is just inviting the risk of infection…not to mention the ensuing complication that will result with breast feeding. Yup!...done for medical reasons. How fucking stupid…how fucking cruel can you possibly be to have done this to your son? Oh…did I offend you with my foul language? Well, what you did is far FAR more offensive!  You should be locked up - if not for your cruelty then for your utter stupidity. You are obviously not right in the head and you'll just do it again if given the chance. It's people like you that should be prevented from spawning even more children.

Hey, if you're a mother and you think it is no big deal - that you feel that you made the "right" decision… well…how would you like it if you got circumcised? You know, to have your prepuce crushed and then ripped off just like what they do to male infants? I mean you do enjoy having it don't you? Imagine what it would be like to have your clitoris constantly exposed and dried out - no skin to rub against it but the cold hard dry skin of your fingers. Perhaps you could consult your circumcised son on how to masturbate with mutilated genitals. You should be punished for your crime, and the punishment should fit the crime. Someone should strap you down and have you circumcised - just like what you had done to your own son.

What in God's name is the matter with people? Oh….wait….some parents mutilate their baby's penis in the name of God! There is something terribly wrong with any religion that requires the cutting off of a body part against a person's will. To mutilate a person's genitals for religious reasons is the ultimate expression of mental retardation. Fucking Jews….so incredibly…incredibly retarded beyond belief…. Of course, it's not only the idiot jews that condone circumcision. Many American parents whether they are religion or not (actually, I have never met a Christian or Mormon that didnt' have his son circumcised) put as much thought into whether to circumcise or not as trying to decide what needs to be added to their grocery list…."You think it's best to have my baby circumcised? Sure, why not?...Oh yeah, that reminds me, I need to get some bananas." Too bad for the child who has to live with your utterly stupid decision for the rest of his life.

So let's talk about the actual
circumcisers. ALL circumcisers are pedophiliac psychopaths and should be lined up and shot to death . A real doctor - a genuine caring doctor would understand the functions of the foreskin and simply would not engage in this barbaric practice. I mean, what kind of idiot doctor does not understand what the foreskin is & all the important functions that it performs? Now, I pose this question - how can a doctor knowing how important the foreskin is, go ahead and proceed with this.....procedure? A conscientious doctor simply wouldn't do such a thing. The only kind of people that perform circumcisions are those that WANT to torture the baby - that is why they have chosen this profession (I mean, how could a kind-hearted person possibly do this to a helpless infant?) These should be apply called "baby torturers". I personally do not believe in heaven or hell but these people are surely going to hell when they die. A person that does this to a child - along with the parents that demand such a horrific procedure be done their new born child are utterly sick in the head. A pediatrician who was circumcised himself is damaged - damaged both physically and mentally. A pediatrician who was never circumcised would never mutilate a child's penis.

Let's see. I'm trying to figure out why parents submit their sons for genital mutilation. Here are some things that I imagine parents saying.

"It's just part of the norm. Everybody is doing it to their sons so it must be the proper thing to do. The staff at the hospital says that we should…so that's what we did."
Well that can't be the reason. That's just plain stupid. It's normal to mutilate your son's genitals? (most of the world's population don't and for good reason). What if they said it would be best to have his pinky finger cut off? Would you go along with that too?

"For cleanliness."
Huh? So are you going to be sticking your nose in his crotch every day for the rest of his life? Oh…I see it must be because you assume that he's too stupid to clean it himself. What in insult to his intelligence for you to assume that he can't clean his own genitals. Also, if function is not as important as cleanliness, why didn't they cut my ears off? I mean my ears do tend to get dirty and they are hard to clean - just never mind the fact that they serve a very useful purpose.

"Because I was circumcised and I don't want my son's intact penis to remind me of my loss. It just wouldn't be fair for him to have his foreskin when I don't have mine." 

If you feel this way, then you have absolutely no business having children! And take off that gawd-damn T-shirt that says "World's Greatest Dad!"

"Because they said it will prevent balanitis."
Oh…so you're willing to significantly reduce your son's ability to feel sexual pleasure on the slim chance that he might develop balanitis? (which may occur in 3% of uncircumcised males and is treatable without circumcision).   Ah…fucking hell…

"Because when I was a teenager I was ashamed that I was not circumcised especially while being in the gym shower in front of the other boys. Not being circumcised was an obvious indication of our status of being poor. Therefore, I had my sons circumcised."
Gads….the stupidity never ends… 

Well none of the above reasons make any sense at all. Now if the baby's foreskin happens to uncontrollably squirt an extremely toxic radioactive substance that kills everyone in the vicinity…then that might be a viable reason to circumcise the baby. Heck, this reason has to be is true! Why else would they severely traumatize an infant just to sexually mame him for life?

Alas, perhaps it is the case that all parents that have had their son circumcised are not stupid at all but are actually pedophiles that enjoy gazing upon the exposed head of their son's penis every time they change his diapers.

Circumcising an infant is so far below my level of thinking and reasoning - it is utterly incomprehensible. It is beyond mental retardation. If you happen to disagree with me…or think that circumcision is not a big deal….WELL IT IS A BIG DEAL!!! You have just proved my point about how utterly stupid all you people are. YOU FUCKING RETARDS!!! I would never ever have this done to a child - not ever. I mean, THANK GOD, I never had this done to a child - I couldn't live myself if I had.  Gads…the fact that I was even born on this wretched planet shames me to no end…..

To newlywed prospective parents: don't circumcise your son. Your child isn't going to be angry at you for NOT circumcising him. He's not going to go "I'm so furious you didn't mutilate my genitals when I was in infant!" But he has every right to express anger if you had him circumcised. Cutting off a baby's prepuce makes just as much sense as chopping off his pinky finger. Nobody wants to be circumcised (no sane intelligent person anyway).

Do your own research. You will find all kinds of YouTube videos and websites that support the benevelont and kind decision to leave your son unharmed and intact. Circumcision is simply not an option despite all the idiotic propoganda that you might come across (remember, circumcision is big business and is very profitable).

You should know that a child's foreskin is fused to the glans until the onset of puberty & should not be retracted - not ever. Many parents retract their son's foreskin to clean "under there" but this only damages the penis & invites infection, which then falsely prompts parents to have their son circumcised.